Visual Design

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Our highly experienced interaction design team will create a unique and visually compelling digital product for you and your customers.

Designing intuitive interfaces

Over the past 7 years, we’ve designed software interfaces that are intuitive, beautiful and effective. If you’re a reader of online Australian media or have accessed government websites, chances are you’ve used a product that we designed. Small Multiples’ design service is unique. Our designers have a diverse set of skills and share a unified mission of making data and complexity accessible and enjoyable.

The possibilities are endless

We’ve helped our clients to create better ways of interacting with intelligent machines. We visualise possibilities beyond the constraints of time and space and help you make decisions that are unbiased and informed.

What we do

We focus on designing software that enhances your ability to make use of your data. We place people at the centre of what we do, interpreting their needs and frustrations to create new possibilities that transform their lives.

We evolve with the data

We pride ourselves on continuous learning and adaptation. Our design is a form of art, constantly evolving. With an ever growing amount of data being generated in the world and new forms of interaction invented, we need to change with it.

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