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We are Data Visualisation Specialists

We are the leading data visualisation and business insights consultancy in Australia and the Asia Pacific. We transform data into meaningful stories, compelling experiences, powerful insights and unique tools. We look after everything – from concept ideation and creative strategy, to product design and development, to ongoing management and training support.

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We clarify complex ideas

We turn your data into meaningful stories that capture the imagination.

We design compelling experiences

We devise intuitive, immersive interactions that engage people with your data and products.

We create powerful insights

We build powerful applications for your data – so you can make informed, intelligent decisions for the future.

Our work

Iggy Get Out

Multi-Omics Visualiser

Small Multiples worked with the pioneering researchers at Iggy Get Out, who study neurodegenerative diseases using a whole body system approach - looking not just at genes in isolation, but at networks.

Transport for Victoria

Mapping Victoria's future transport network

From how people travel to how they are projected to travel in the future, our bespoke tool for Transport for Victoria helps the team make better sense of 9 million possible trip combinations.

Small Multiples

Not a single origin

Sydney folk come from all corners of the world. We created chocolates to tell the stories of us - where we came from and where we settled. There are 5 million stories encapsulated in each box of 12 unique flavours. Celebrate our diversity through a shared love of chocolate.

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Our Services

Data Visualisation

We custom design and build visualisations, based on your data. They’re beautiful, intuitive and give you powerful insights. See further, dig deeper and separate the signal from the noise.

UI Design

We create unique user interfaces, designed for your brand, your products and your people. Attract users – and keep them – with seamless, visually stunning experiences.

Product development

We build bespoke applications that are fast, reliable and delightful to use. We make sure every app performs brilliantly throughout its life cycle – from launch to archiving.


We offer expert data visualisation training, tailored to meet your needs. Our enthusiastic, expert educators have taught at universities and government agencies across Australia.

User Experience

We design UX based on thorough research, data-driven perspectives and rigorous processes. We create experiences that exceed users’ expectations and keep them coming back for more.

Interactive Maps

We create maps and location services that inform, empower and inspire. Working at the intersection of data, cartography and interaction design, we combine visual appeal with perceptive interpretation.

Our Clients

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