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Small Multiples wins gold at the 2021 GOV Design Awards

Our COVID-19 Data Futures Platform for the United Nations Development Programme won a gold GOV Design Award, as did the Gonski Data Lab, which we designed and built for the UNSW Gonski Institute for Education. Degree Chooser, created for Barlow Advisory and integrated into the University Admissions Centre website, took out a silver award. The GOV awards are organised annually by DRIVENxDESIGN (driven by design).

All three projects organise and display government data in a dynamic and user-friendly interface, helping people make important decisions.

The COVID-19 Data Futures Platform brings together a wide range of coronavirus and demographic data to help nations around the world combat the pandemic. The Gonski Data Lab allows you to explore the academic performance of different NSW communities, in relation to a host of social and economic variables - helping policymakers and community members discover links between school grades and out-of-school factors. Barlow Advisory’s Degree Chooser brings together a number of different data sets relating to university performance and entrance criteria, aiding students in making more informed decisions.

You can find all three projects on the DRIVENxDESIGN website here:

UNDP COVID-19 Data Futures Platform
Gonski Data Lab
Degree Chooser