User Experience

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Our goal is to make quality products for users and make the most of your data through proven UX design & research techniques.

Our focus from the start is getting something visual in front of clients as soon as possible to get initial feedback quickly allowing us to iterate and create nimbly. We do this by paper sketching and prototyping with real data.

Giving people a voice

We find when you’re genuine about seeking feedback from people, they are more than happy to give open and honest responses about what works and what doesn’t. Our experience in UX with data visualisation has connected us with the real people from many different backgrounds and interests, giving us a broad understanding of how people use and interact with various interfaces and tools.

Many different methods

Often, a combination of things is used to capture slightly different feedback during a project. For example, card sorting is great for categorising things, while a co-design session is great for brainstorming sketches.

Both external audiences and internal stakeholders are important when seeking feedback during the UX process. We define user personas to understand people’s frustrations with an existing system, their current user journeys and their goals for the ideal future state. From this research we can then define the key functional requirements.

Making useful things for people

The process of UX shines a light on how we understand people’s needs and thought processes. This can often run contrary to our initial assumptions about how people use an interface.

We believe more time should be spent understanding the problem than to guess at a solution with our own uniquely formed biases. User experience design concepts and research helps us relate to people and create something useful for them. Our goal is to make quality products for people and make the most of your data.

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