Interactive maps

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We work at the intersection of data, cartography, and interaction design to create maps and location services that empower people.

Maps for change

We’re changing the way people plan cities and discover their customers. Through the maps and location-based apps Small Multiples build, we create positive changes to the lives of more than 7 million people in Australia.

Insights that impact people

Location insight is essential in making sound planning decisions. Whether you’re communicating upcoming changes to the bus network, forecasting demand for school spaces 15 years into the future, or identifying new research opportunities around the world - digital mapping is essential for these applications, and Small Multiples is the mapping expert.

Our technology builds on the shoulders of giants

We craft light-weight applications that use open-source tools and commercial APIs as building blocks, so you’re not locked into bloated and expensive products that only do half the job. Our toolkit includes Carto, Mapbox, DeckGL, QGIS, D3js, and Google Maps. Our lean development process delivers bespoke tools quickly, so you can stop fighting the tool and focus on the analysis.

A vision to see the world

Small Multiples believes that data transparency creates a better society. Helping people see the physical world through different lenses will improve efficiency at work and create a better quality of life for all.

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