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Mapping Project Activities and Funding in Regional NSW

The Challenge

The project involved dealing with diverse data topics, the integration of demographic, infrastructure, economic, and financial datasets into a cohesive mapping platform, ensuring accurate representation and visualisation. Striking a balance between state-level overviews and detailed insights for local small businesses required implementing interactive features like zooming and filtering capabilities. Additionally, Regional NSW needed a common mapping platform that could repurpose to communicate vastly different content.

The Solution

To ensure the mapping solution’s effectiveness and longevity, we adopted a strategic approach centered around modularity and scalability. Our goal was to create a robust system that could adapt to future needs and seamlessly accommodate changes in data, technology, and user requirements. We designed the solution with a modular architecture, breaking down components into distinct and reusable modules, allowing for easy updates and enhancements. The Regional Job Creation Fund and Regional Growth Fund maps serve as prime examples of the common platform approach.

By choosing future-proof technology and continuously gathering feedback, our mapping solution evolved into a sustainable and adaptive platform, ready to meet emerging trends and the changing landscape of external communication.

Region level exploration and entity details

Custom base map and styling

Search and filters