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Our vision at Small Multiples is to improve people’s quality of life through intelligent data insights. That's led us to work with large and small not-for-profits, helping make information compelling and convincing.

Working in an NGO is an opportunity to make the positive change you’ve always dreamt about – whether that’s influencing national government policy on climate change, or saving a threatened species. But, to get other people behind your cause, you have to convince them. And what’s the best way to do that? With clear, compelling communication.

That’s why data visualisation is crucial. We founded Small Multiples in 2011 because we believe data can make the world a better place. By showing people the truth – through engaging data-driven visualisations – we can build empathy and enthusiasm for important causes.

We’re passionate about working on projects that matter. Projects that help people to live healthier lives, help protect our planet and make the world a fairer place. Over the years, we have:

We’ve also worked with the World Health Organization, European Cancer League, Iggy Get Out and Royal Life Saving Society Australia. Got a project of your own in mind? Regardless of how impossible it seems or crazy it sounds:

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Data visualisations that inspire social change

Cambia app screenshot

Making patent data open and accessible for Cambia

In a world full of problems that need solving and causes looking for supporters, making sure yours gets traction is tough. Once you have people’s attention, you need to inspire powerful feelings, and provoke real action – be it sharing your message, signing a petition or donating to your organisation.

Our data visualisations are dedicated to inspiring social change. We transform data into compelling revelations, surprising experiences and engaging interactions. We don’t just tell stories; we invite people to take part in them – or even create new stories of their own. For many, engaging with a data visualisation is an empowering first step towards taking action in the outside world.

In 2017, we helped the Australian Museum launch an ambitious (and amphibious) citizen science project – by creating an app that encouraged users to record frog calls in their area. Two years later, we transformed the resulting data into an interactive map that shows all the frogs in Australia. Given that four of our frog species are already extinct – and many more endangered – the Australian Museum envisions this project will play a vital role in conservation.

In 2019, we created Standing on the Borders of Giants. This passion project, created for the World Data Visualisation Prize, was driven by the theme, “Small countries are beautiful”. Using data from the 2017 Human Development Index (HDI), we designed a visual representation of 30 small nations and their bigger neighbours. And, in the process, we invited viewers to look at the HDI in a whole new way.

Collaborating for good

SWAQ app screenshot

Schools Weather and Air Quality project for the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre

We’re not going to beat about the bush. We know that NGOs and not-for-profit organisations aren’t made of money. If they were, the world would be a fairer, nicer place already.

That’s why we’re happy to work on collaborations – as well as offer lower rates. So, if you have a game-changing project in mind, but don’t have the cash to make it happen, don’t be afraid to:

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Meet our smart, imaginative and courageous team

Everyone on the multi-disciplinary team here at Small Multiples has two things in common: a commitment to excellence in their field and a dedication to making a positive impact. We’re made up of data experts, UX/UI specialists, developers, designers and project managers – all of whom share ideas, skills, space and coffee cups in our Sydney office.

When you work with us, you get the benefit of our collective expertise. Have the data, but not the idea? There’s someone who can help. Have the idea, but not sure about the data? We can sort that out, too. Whatever your project – be it large, small, groundbreaking or old-school, we’ll put our multiple minds and decades of experience to it – until we come up with a brilliant solution.

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