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Powering People

The Challenge

The Australian Bureau of Statistics projects that the national population will grow to 37.5 million by 2060. Although some of us will opt for a sea change or a tree change, the ABS predicts that most will continue to live in our major cities.
What will our cities and rural industry of the future look like, and what technologies might help us avert climate catastrophe?

Small Multiples created a series of embedded interactive visualisations within the Guardian’s long-form data journalism series, titled: ‘Powering People’, to help make these future changes tangible.

Our solution

In the city

This tool uses 2011 Census data to see where Australian capital cities have ranked in the past and compares projected population changes through to 2054.

In the country

Comparisons can be made between multiple industries and professions.

The audience get a real sense of scale and locale using satellite imagery.

Off the grid

Interactive story mapping shows how wind, sun and cutting-edge telehealth services are bringing new kinds of wealth to this West Australian farming district.

On the job

Plotting job numbers and wages across a range of industries.

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