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Power of one: Visualising Survey Responses

The challenge: visualise Australians’ attitudes towards democracy

A collaboration between SBS, the Museum of Australian Democracy, Mod Productions, the University of Canberra, and Ipsos Australia, the Power of 1 exhibition showcases Australia’s differing views about how our democracy should run.

This was a fully responsive online survey and data visualisation project, where participants received visual feedback in real time about how their views compare to others’. Do you feel you can participate in the issues that affect you? Do you think minor parties and independents hold too much power? How old were you when you first voted?

Small Multiples was commissioned by SBS to design and build the online components.

Our Solution

The survey visualises results while a visitor completes it, comparing them to the four main generations: Builders, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Z (millennials). Visitors can then see all their results, and explore everyone’s attitudes across all generations.

Our data visualisation revealed interesting insights such as: some Generation-Xers didn't vote until the late 2010s.Our data visualisation revealed interesting insights such as: some Generation-Xers didn’t vote until the late 2010s.

We’re fascinated with how Australian democracy works. Have a look at our work doing innovative visualisations of polling data for the Australian Financial Review.

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