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Data Visualisation at General Assembly

We have crafted our course for people who are new to the topic and want a good general understanding of key principles for analysing, designing and communicating data.

Data Visualisation is becoming a critical tool in communicating with customers, understanding trends, building better tools and analysing business processes.

This course will take you through the basics of data visualisation from the history, analysis of data and designing great interfaces for all types of users.


  • Understand the importance of data visualisation.
  • Get to know key terminology and types of data visualisation.
  • Learn best practises based on analysing good and bad data visualisation.
  • Make connections between the story you want to tell and the data to convey it.
  • Walk-through the typical design process to create visualisations.
  • Tools and resources for practising and learning more about data visualisation at home.