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Data visualisation conferences in 2019 and 2020

Want to meet more people in the data visualisation field? Get inspired with some new ideas and the latest technologies? We’ve compiled a big list of data vis conferences here, from the well known to the obscure, from the artistic to the scientific, and from the new to the venerable. Have we missed any? Let us know! We’ll update this list as conference dates are announced.

EYEO Festival website screenshot

Eyeo Festival

June 8-11, 2020, Minneapolis

Billed as a “gathering for the creative technology community” the Eyeo Festival is pitched at the intersection of data, art and code. Speakers this year have been curated by data artist Jer Thorp (@blprnt), and cover topics from data visualisation to creative coding, machine learning and cultural and ethical issues.

From the website:

The Eyeo Festival brings together a rich intersection of people doing fascinating things with technology. Artists, data designers, creative coders, AI explorers, storytellers, researchers, technology & platform developers all cross paths and share inspiration at Eyeo.

Eurovis Festival website screenshot


June 3-7, 2019, Porto, Portugal
May 25-29, 2020, Norrköping, Sweden

EuroVis is a visualisation conference organised every year by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualisation, supported by the IEEE Visualisation and Graphics Technical Committee.

From the website:

The exciting and vibrant field of visualisation is an increasingly important research area due to its wide range of applications in many disciplines. In general, our ability to collect, store, and archive data vastly exceeds our ability to derive useful knowledge and insight from it. This is a ubiquitous problem. Data visualisation is key to gaining an understanding of large, complex data sets by exploiting the human visual system.

Tableau website screenshot

Tableau Conference

June 17-19, Berlin, Germany
November 12-15, 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Berlin) (Las Vegas)

Tableau is one of the best known conferences based around a tool that has become industry standard. There’s a big community around Tableau and it’s a huge conference, so by all reports it’s a great way to learn the latest Tableau features and meet people at the same time.

From their site:

At Tableau Conference we unite behind the mission to help people see and understand data. For four days, over 20,000 people from all industries and organisation sizes immerse themselves in a data-driven culture that is unparalleled in the industry. Come to ramp your skills faster with expert-led sessions. Leave with renewed motivation from inspirational keynote speakers and product innovation announcements. Connect to the biggest data community that will embrace you like a warm hug. Join us in Las Vegas for the data journey of a lifetime with fun at every turn.

EVA website screenshot

EVA London

EVA (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts) seems to have a bent towards general digital art and digital humanities work, but some data visualisation inevitably creeps in.

From the website:

EVA London’s focus is on the development and application of visualisation technologies to various domains, including art, music, dance, theatre and the sciences. Held annually in July, EVA London is one of the international Electronic Visualisation & the Arts conferences. The first EVA conference was held in 1990, with the intention to create a space for people using or interested in the new technologies to share their experiences and network in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere.

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23 International Conference Information Visualisation

July 16-19, 2019, Flinders University, Adelaide
July 2-5 2019, University of Paris 13, Paris, France (Adelaide) (Paris)

Covers many areas of visualisation, from art and design to biomedical visualisation and visualisation in the built environment.

From the site:

The objective of the symposium is to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry working in all areas of visualisation, with a special focus on science, engineering, art and applications of visualisation.

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DSSV2019 (Data Science, Statistics and Visualisation)

August 13-15, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

This is a “satellite event of the 62nd World Statistics Conference”, so the focus seems to be mathematical and scientific. Information on the website is a little light on, but, Kyoto…

From the website:

The conference welcomes contributions to practical aspects of data science, statistics and visualisation, and in particular those which are linking and integrating these subject areas. Presentations should thus be oriented towards a very wide scientific audience, and can cover topics such as machine learning and statistical learning, the visualisation and verbalisation of data, big data infrastructures and analytics, interactive learning, advanced computing, and other important themes.

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September 19-20 2019, London

Encode is a new two day conference with a focus on data in journalism, information design and education. It’s part of the London Design Festival. They have a great lineup of speakers including Wes Grubbs of, Andy Kirk of (and author of a great 2016 book on data visualisation) and Caitlyn Ralph of The Pudding.

From the website:

Bringing the creative community together to share and explore the future of data-driven stories. More than 30 practitioners, educators, and leaders in the field will engage, share and debate the way we read and interact with data.

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Infographics Conference 2019

October 11, 2019, Gooiland in Hilversum, the Netherlands

The Infographics Conference covers both data visualisation and infographics, and attracts some great speakers. Each annual conference is based around a loose theme, such as “Facts + Beauty = Truth” (2016), or “Infographic Myths” (2017).

What they say:

An inspiring day full of #infographics, #dataviz and everything else in visual #storytelling

Conference website screenshot


October 20-25, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada
October 2020 in Salt Lake City, USA

A week-long conference organised by IEEE, this large, prestigious and venerable conference goes back all the way to 1996. The VIS conference is where you’ll find cutting edge research and innovations in data visualisation long before they reach the mainstream commercial world.

From their site:

The year’s premier forum for advances in theory, methods, and applications of visualisation and visual analytics. The conference will convene an international community of researchers and practitioners from universities, government, and industry to exchange recent findings on the design and use of visualisation tools.

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Open Visualization Conference

October 29 – Nov 1, 2019, San Francisco
November 19–22, 2019, London

The ODSC (Open Data Science Conference) has many chapters, from the east and west coasts of the US to Europe and India. Many (such as London and SF this year) have a specific data visualisation track, the “Open Visualization Conference”. The larger Open Data Science Conference itself is just that, “Bringing together the global data science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open source software.”

From the website:

The Open Data Visualization Conference brings together the world’s most creative minds that are changing the way we visualize, understand, and interact with data. Join a community of designers, data scientists, and developers to learn the art of storytelling, information communication, and data visualization, using the latest open source tools and techniques. We offer multiple talks, workshops, and interactive presentations to help you understand and create beautiful, insightful, and actionable data graphics and visuals.

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February 27-29, 2020, Valetta, Malta

IVAPP, the “International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications”, is focused on the computational side of visualisation, covering areas from “Hardware-Assisted Visualisation” to “Mathematical Foundations of Interactive Visual Analysis”. It also includes some higher-level topics though, such as data driven storytelling. It’s part of VISIGRAPP, the 11th international International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. That’s a lot of acronyms, but hey it’s in Malta!

From the website:

The International Conference on Information Visualisation Theory and Applications aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Information Visualisation. The conference will be structured along several topics mainly associated with Information Visualisation, but also with related fields such as Visual Analytics or Scientific Visualisation.

Conference website screenshot

Data Festival

March 17-19, 2020, Munich Germany

This is a festival of all things data, but includes data visualisation. Areas of discussion cover “Data Science & Machine Learning, Data Engineering & Architecture, Data Visualisation & Analytics, Fast Data, Infrastructure & Databases as well as Agile Development, Blockchain, Data Ethics and Data Privacy”.

From the website:

Share your passion for #data. The conference brings together the community of users and data experts, including data scientists, data engineers, AI and machine learning experts, analysts, BI professionals, software developers, software architects, scientists, researchers and many more.” The “Data Visualisation & Analytics” section includes “Information Design, Geo-/Spatial Analytics, Graph Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Data Discovery, Storytelling and IoT Analytics.

Conference website screenshot


March 23-27, 2020, Pamplona, Spain

Referred to as the “Pulitzers for infographics”, Malofiej is hosted at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain and organised by SND (the Society for News Design). It’s a visual journalism focused conference that brings together media professionals, academics and data visualisation specialists.

Conference website screenshot


April 2020, Utrecht, the Netherlands

The S-H-O-W conference is organised by Graphic Hunters, a data visualisation training institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It’s a two day event, an afternoon of talks followed by a day of hands-on and interactive workshops (with plenty of time for meeting and mingling of course!). The entire conference is in English.

From the website:

Data is numbers, facts, true, bold. When we communicate data to an audience in a visual way, we need to add an emotional layer of design to convince the audience, to guide them, to attract them, to make them click. How can design choices help to add emotion to raw data? How do we bring the story across? How can we feel the numbers?

Conference website screenshot


2020, TBD

This biennial conference started in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada and moved to Potsdam, Germany for 2018. It’s an interdisciplinary conference that doesn’t skimp on the critical theory behind information design and visualisation.

From their site:

The conference brings together researchers and practitioners in information design and visualisation to discuss common questions and challenges in these rapidly changing fields. Unlike discipline-specific gatherings, Information+ seeks to foster productive exchanges amongst the variety of people involved in the theories, practices, and pedagogies of analysing and communicating information.

Conference website screenshot

VIZBI - Visualising Biological Data

2020, TBD

This year’s conference was held in March in Heidelberg, Germany, and one of the keynote speakers was Moritz Stefaner. It’s been held every year since 2010, and tends to alternate between Heidelberg and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge MA, USA (although in 2017 it was held in Sydney).

From the website:

VIZBI features talks from “world-leading researchers who will showcase visualisations transforming how life scientists view data, and driving key advances in molecular biology, systems biology, biomedical science, and ecology.

The conference brings together a diverse community, including bioinformaticians, data scientists, computer scientists, and experimentalists, as well as medical illustrators, graphic designers, and graphic artists.”

Conference website screenshot


2020, TBD (probably in Boston)

OpenVis is a two day conference based around open source data vis tools. It’s been running since 2013 in Boston, though the 2018 conference was held in Paris. It will probably be back in Boston in 2020.

From the website:

Our conference program merges the latest in visualisation research, technology, and practice, constructed by an open-call submission and committee review process. In 2018, we followed the main program by a third day of educational, hands-on workshops.

Conference website screenshot

Visualizing Knowledge

2020, TBD, Helsinki

This conference is run every year in Helsinki, Finland. It’s now organised by Aalto University, by staff and students in the department of Visual Communication and Information Design.

From the 2019 website:

Visualizing Knowledge brings together a diverse group of practitioners to discuss data visualization from multiple perspectives. This year’s event is centered around the symbiosis between natural sciences, information design and visual narratives with the key concept of senses – from human senses to machine sensors.