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AFR Budget Calculator

The challenge

The federal budget contains so many moving parts, and numbers in the millions and billions. It’s a perfect example of data glut, the overload that comes from too much information that the average person can’t take in. Like complex census data, making it visual can help us see instantly what matters to us in the data.

Our solution

We created the Budget Calculator for the Australian Financial Review, taking data from the 2016-17 federal budget.

Using a simple questionnaire, we can find out what parts of the budget affect you and give you a visual breakdown of what’s positive, negative and neutral for you in this year’s plans. Insights are broken down into practical areas like superannuation, medicare and GST.

Policies are explained in real-time as the questionnaire is being completed, and there are different tracks for individuals and businesses.

Need to solve a data glut? Want to work with us (or for us)? Get in contact.