Web app development

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By using JavaScript and open source frameworks like D3 & React, we build applications that are both fast and delightful to use.

Experienced and nimble

Our expertise in app development using tools like Node.js and React makes this process fast and nimble. Our team of experienced developers will ensure your product performs at its best during the entire lifecycle, from launch through to de-commission and archiving. Whether you choose a full-service approach or simply need one of our staff embedded with your in-house team, we can cater to the unique requirements of your project.

Implementing good ideas with good code

Good code and competent project management determine the success of digital products. We’ve helped people transform data assets into measurable immediate impacts and long-term returns. Our track record shows successful case studies in scientific research, infrastructure planning, and business performance indicators.

Making data into useful products

Right now we’re focusing on building digital products with Node.js and React, however, we’re always researching and testing new methods to improve our approach for better, faster products. Small Multiples’ design and development teams work closely to create solutions that are engineered to provide a delightful user experience with sustainable architecture. We are the experts in our field, and are proud of our work and passionate about technology.

Giving people the right tools

Small Multiples believes that with the right software, we can help people see further and do more. By using the best tools for each new project, we can unleash great potential that can profoundly change the world.

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