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How will climate change affect me?

Junkee Media spent months asking young Australians their views on climate change, and turned this into a powerful article that came out around the same time as the national climate strike in September this year.

To really engage readers with the question of ‘How will climate change affect me’, they incorporated interactive data visualisations.

This interactve timeline allows readers to select their birth year to visualise the changes in temperature, sea level and greenhouse gases over the course of their lifetime

An interactive scale allows people to compare their own views to those of Junkee's survey respondents.

Readers can compare themselves to a filtered set of respondents, e.g. metropolitan and rural respondents, or those under and over 30.

You can also see how the actions you've taken compare with others. 79% of respondents claim to be increasing their recycling, though writing to a politician is a little less popular at 50%.

We’ve also visualised survey results for SBS & the Museum of Australian Democracy and the NSW Public Service Commission. Have some data that would benefit from visual presentation? Get in contact.