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This episode of Bluey is called colours

How we did it

  • - One sample frame captured every 7-10 seconds using OpenCV
  • - Colours in each frame were quantised into 32 groups using K-means clustering
  • - The centres of the colour clusters were identified, sorted by hue, and together they become a palette for the frame
  • - The number of pixels from each cluster were counted and represented proportionally as height.


The Creek: explore the nature of Australia

The lush rainforest of Queensland is the backdrop throughout the episode.

A study of colour composition in the Bluey episode of The Creek Dad takes Bluey, Bingo and Mackenzie to the creek after they grow tired of the local playground. Bluey struggles to appreciate the beauty of the natural world surrounding her, until they arrive at the water. Bluey learns to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. (Wikipedia)

Sleepytime: dream melds into reality

The story flows freely between the bedroom and Bingo’s dream.

A study of colour composition in the Bluey episode of Sleepytime At bedtime, Bingo is determined to sleep for the whole night in her own bed. After reading a bedtime story about outer space, Bingo is propelled into an intergalactic dream world. Along with her stuffed toy Floppy, Bingo imagines journeying among the planets, as she unconsciously switches between the beds of the house during the night. (Wikipedia)

Takeaway: single-shot

The pace gradually quickens as the story reaches a crescendo and then settles into a calm resolution.

A study of colour composition in the Bluey episode of Takeaway Bluey and Bingo join Dad to collect his takeaway dinner, but must wait with him at the fast food restaurant until his order is completed. Dad tries to control his restless children while they wait, but ultimately realises that they should be allowed to have fun while they are still young. (Wikipedia)

Chickenrat: flashback

The story is constantly switching between bedtime and events that took place earlier in the day.

A study of colour composition in the Bluey episode of Chickenrat Before bed, Bingo loses her favourite cuddly toy. Mum helps Bluey and Bingo retrace their steps to find the lost item. The siblings recount their adventures as they remember playing with Dad, who was pretending to be a “chickenrat” creature. (Wikipedia)

Dance Mode: all around the town

The characters wander around the shopping strip and then a guest star makes an appearance.

A study of colour composition in the Bluey episode of Dance Mode When Dad unintentionally eats Bingo’s last chip at a restaurant, he makes it up to her by giving her the power of “Dance Mode”; the ability to make her family members dance at any chosen time. However, Bingo is frustrated when her family make the decisions for her and waste her chances to use the power. (Wikipedia)

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A study of colour composition in Bluey episodes

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