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Performance, Data & Insights 2020

The Challenge

Performance, Data and Insights is a huge report. Over 80 charts document the state of everything from cotton production levels to pork exports and recreational fishing licence sales. There’s over 30,000 words of detailed industry analysis, which need attractive and readable presentation, with unique layouts, images and detailed references.

The report has both a web version and a print version, with slightly different requirements for each. The printed report is a streamlined digest designed for live events and mailing to stakeholders, while the web version is a comprehensive analysis with interactive charts and other dynamic elements.

The Solution

For the web version of the report, we emphasised ease-of-use with improved navigation and a clean and approachable design. On the technical side, we made it possible to quickly iterate on design, content and data updates by developing a custom site generator. The generated pages could then be uploaded to Squiz Matrix, the CMS used by DPI. This system allowed us to update layout, charts and images via simple configuration changes, an important feature given the large amount of content in the report.

Charts were optimised for both desktop and mobile, with source data downloadable in Excel format.


This year DPI decided to move to focus exclusively on a smaller A5 format booklet, to create a more accessible and portable summary that was easier to physically read and post. Small Multiples supported this by creating unique layouts and maintaining a summarised version of the content for the print booklet. Charts in the booklet were annotated to highlight important data points, and compact infographics were used throughout to highlight key facts.

Our icon for the 2020 report is based on the natural spiral form known as phyllotaxis - the pattern seen in sunflower seeds, pineapples and pine cones, among other things. It evokes the underlying order and balance of the natural world - just the image to signify well-organised and sustainable primary industries.