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Online Clinical Supervision Training Resource

The Challenge

Small Multiples was tasked with providing a means for clinical supervisors to hone their understanding, as well as promoting the value of training. We needed to help people find resources relevant to their jobs, as well as get feedback on their current knowledge and practices.

Interactive training portal meets data visualisation

The tool we created allows clinical supervisors to browse resources at the intersection of their required areas - for example “Foundational level” “safety” “website resources”. The available resources are listed, and their relationships visualised in a beautiful diagram.

The self-assessment tool lets clinical coders test their skills and understanding, and gives them feedback on the results.

We enjoy working with health professionals to improve outcomes with data. Check out our pioneering Multiomics Visualiser, and our World Health Systems report.

Have a dataset you need people to navigate? Want to work with us (or for us)? Get in contact.