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Asylum Seeker Data Dashboard

The challenge: use data to create informed opinions around asylum issues

Where does Australia stand with the rest of the world on asylum-seeker policies? The policy and politics of asylum-seekers and mandatory detention continue to spark furious debate among politicians and the public.

Small Multiples’ collaboration with SBS News aims to add context to the debate by establishing the facts on these issues. The project draws on official data sets from the United Nations and Australia’s Department of Immigration to take a historical and global look at the profile of asylum-seekers who come to Australia and the current status of Australia’s immigration detention system.

Our solution

We created a series of data dashboards to create a non-biased overview of the asylum seeker issue on a global scale.

Asylum-Seeker Applications

These spark lines allow people to see at a glance how different countries percent of the global refugee intake is trending over time.

Immigration Detention Centres

How are people arriving, how long are they held in detention, and where? This information is scattered through news reports, but we’ve gathered it all in one place.

At Small Multiples, we want to make complex issues more understandable through data visualisation. Some other projects include charting homelessness in Australia and reporting on World Health Systems and how they collaborate.

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