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Visualising the Sydney Half Marathon 2018

The iconic Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2018 took place on 20 May in Sydney's CBD. The weather conditions where great with plenty of sun. The morning temperature was just over 11 degrees Celsius. 40% of the 9,195 runners who finished the race were women. The average net finish time for women was 02:08:41, while men had an average time of 01:55:03. The chart below plots the net finish time of every single woman and man . To enhance this visualisation I undertook on-field observations in the form of running the half marathon myself. Look out for the .

SMALL MULTIPLES | Source: Results from | Download graphic as PNG.

Notes about the data

All charts use official results posted on the SMH Half Marathon website. Data from the latest race was downloaded from All data was retrieved on 20 May 2018. The chart does not include results of the Half Marathon Relay or the Elite Wheelchair Sprint.

The graphic was created with R in combination with Adobe Illustrator and the ai2html plugin. For any comments or questions about the data or graphics please write an e-mail to Thanks @harrymorris for technical support.

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