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Sydney Marathon Results visualised

The Sydney Marathon 2019 was a record breaking event. Filex Kiprotich from Kenya broke the course record by almost 1.5 minutes, running the fastest marathon ever on NSW soil with a time of 2:09:49. Stella Barsosio from Kenya won the women's race with an impressive 2:24:33, breaking the course record by over 3 minutes.

This year's participation numbers were record-breaking as well, with significantly more runners participating compared to previous years. This year, 4,493 runners covered the entire distance of 42.195km, versus 3,808 in 2018 and 3,567 in 2017. There were 1,226 female and 3,267 male finishers this year, a female participation rate of 27.3% – slightly less than last year's 28.4%.

Similar to our visualisation of the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, I undertook on-field observations in the form of running the marathon myself. Look out for the

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Notes about the data

All charts use official results posted on the Sydney Running Festival website. Data from the latest race was downloaded from All data was retrieved on 23 September 2019. The chart does not include results of the Elite Wheelchair race.

The graphic was created with R in combination with Adobe Illustrator and the ai2html plugin. For any comments or questions about the data or graphics please write an e-mail to or a tweet @smallmultiples.