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Hello, Sun. wins Indigo Design Awards

Imagine you’re buying an apartment, and want to know which windows will get sun. Or you’re a photographer, and want to know which direction the sun will be hitting that beautiful street from at 7am. Or maybe you’re just wondering where to put your new garden bed. These are the kinds of problems that ‘Hello, Sun’ solves. You can see the daily arc of the sun superimposed onto your scene in augmented reality, and set different times of year to see how it changes. You can even add a little AR sundial stick into your scene to visualise how shadows will fall.

The Indigo Awards are held annually and judged by a jury of digital designers. ‘Hello, Sun’ won six awards in total - the jury seemed impressed by the technology (Gold in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology), its usefulness (Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities, Gold in Mobile Apps), and its user-friendly interface (Gold in Interaction Design, Silver in Interactive Design, and Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation).

App screenshot

Travelling in time at the Small Multiples office, with the ‘Hello, Sun’ Augmented Reality app

Our chocolate data project, “Not a Single Origin - Making Census Data Tasty” also bagged a series of prizes, including Gold in Digital Art 2019, and silver in the packaging and branding categories:

Indigo website screenshot

Our ‘Not a Single Origin’ project, which included chocolate flavours matching the ethnic cuisines of different areas, as well as maps 3D printed on the chocolate!

We’re chuffed to be honoured in so many categories. Congratulations as well to the other winners - here are a couple of them:

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