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Connecting Science to Great Barrier Reef Preservation

The Challenge

The development of an innovative search tool for matching scientific research areas with the urgent conservation needs of the Great Barrier Reef is a complex and challenging task. The tool would need to take into account the different types of threats facing the reef, such as climate change, pollution, and overfishing. In addition to matching scientific research areas with conservation needs, the tool would also need to surface a holistic approach to prioritisation.

The Solution

We designed the tool to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. The tool highlights topic across different domains as the search query is refined by text and filters. This allows users to easily explore the different research areas that are relevant to their conservation interests.

Slide-out data cards

The tool uses iconography and color coding to make the connections between research areas and conservation opportunities visible. This helps users to quickly understand the different ways in which research can be used to address the conservation challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef.

Highlight areas

We are confident that this tool will be a valuable resource for conservationists and policymakers who are working to protect the Great Barrier Reef for future generations.