Our Process

Creating purposeful data solutions


Give stakeholders the information they need in a format that allows intuitive understanding of complex data.

Analysis & Planning

Historical data charted for trend recognition aids forecasting and planning across short term and long term goals.

Explorative Tools

Interactive data visualisations of complex data sets enable self-directed exploration that reveal fresh insights and connections.

Intuitive Design

Guided data visualisations, such as infographics and other targeted visualisation sets, provide direct credible access to important information.

Next generation of data solutions

Linked Data

Databases, Excel spreadsheets, third party APIs and feeds. All of these can be used and combined into a coherent data warehouse.

Dynamic, Validated Data

With linked data, updates are easily managed and instantly reflected in live data visualisations, so everyone is seeing up-to-date information.

Interrogable Data

From the single source of truth, we use digital tools that allow you to interrogate the data from multiple perspectives.

Purposeful data visualisation

For Your Team

Introduce precision and clarity to your in-house reporting with a central, easily updated Single Source Of Truth for all your reporting, planning and forecasting visualisations. Easily download and include them in presentations and documents. Keep everyone on the same page.

For Your Customers

Data visualisations tailored to individual users, interactive data visualisations for your internet audience supporting marketing goals, live data visualisation to create high value destinations for your market.

The Explainer

Distill your knowledge and numbers into data visualisations that provide instant understanding for your audience. Interactive data visualisations let you provide guided explorations of data beyond the static chart, reinforcing your message and generating confidence in your data.

Beyond The Screen

Paper isn’t inactive yet, but Small Multiples’ data visualisation technology is designed to output high resolution, print ready versions of any visualisations. This ensures you always have a consistent look and branding across print and digital.